Education and Business Broadband Solutions

We can provide you with a tailored solution for your needs. We offer a range of connections that offer fast speeds and great value. Contact us now to see what solution is best for you, we can provide high speed fibre, dedicated lease lines and symmetrical ethernet connections.

To manage these we offer a range of secure firewalls that give you total control over your user access to protect you and your data. We work directly with leading firewall manufacturers to provide great value solutions. Choose from dedicated solutions: SmoothwallWatchguardDraytek and PFSense. Whether you need Exploit detection, Unified Threat Management, E-Safety monitoring or secure enterprise protection – speak to us about your requirements.

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FTTC Lines at 80Mbs Down 20Mb/s Up.
Lease Lines starting from 10Mb/s up to 10Gb/s full duplex
Ethernet First Mile from 10Mb/s

All subject to availability.

Support and Functionality.

Typically, home internet lines do not come with a form of support for the line itself other than best endeavours. This support (in the UK at least) comes from BT Openreach. We ensure a Care Package is on your line which provides an agreed response and fix time from Openreach.

In addition, due to data protection and GDPR, businesses and schools need to ensure that they are protected, typically with a firewall. Our solution provides the ability to bridge your connection to a firewall and (with FTTC), the PPPoE credentials are provided to enable a firewall to handle all traffic coming in from a static IP Address. A feature that is not typically available with home routers.

Absolutely not. We are up front about what our quote covers and what possible other charges there might be that would be out of our hands. We have gotten pretty good at migrating away from specific suppliers and in those instances have already included the costs for migration in our quote.
This is a tricky question as sometimes third parties delay the process.
If everything goes as planned, we can get a line installed and activated with a configured firewall within 4 weeks.

Email Migrations depend on the size of your company or school, but are scheduled in as a separate project from the actual installation of the broadband line.
This is subject to technician availability.

We act as a single phone number for support. Issue with line, firewall, DNS, email or antivirus. It is one phone call.

There are a lot of companies involved to provide all the services you require, so we take that headache out of it for you.
Just call us and we’ll sort it.

Equally, if you wish to have control, we can provide that to you.

An SLA is provided that explains all response and fix times for various problems.
In short though, pretty bloomin’ quick, regardless of what time it comes in!

Our support desk is 8:30 to 17:00 officially. Unofficially those times go into the very late hours of the evening.

Installation of a broadband line with additional services such as Antivirus, Firewall, Email and DNS Management is quite a process, so we do the majority of the work for you.

All we need from you is access to your premises on specific dates, an agreed go live date and a few signatures to help migrate you away from your current provider.

Stage 1 – The Line

  • Installation of the physical line.
  • The activation of the line.
  • Configuration of modem/router and connection to a firewall.

Stage 2 – The Services (Optional)

  • Installation and configuration of the Firewall.
  • Provision and Deployment of Antivirus.
  • DNS Transfer.
  • Email Migration
  • Go Live Configuration

Services are all optional and are typically not required by businesses, but schools tend to be different as local authority broadband solutions tend to bundle in additional extras. All can be itemised as we don’t believe in hiding costs associated with these services.


Broadband is just as important as other utilities – It is the lifeline to your business. Talk to us about our redundant high speed broadband solutions. Offering great value fast connection solutions, tailored to your business needs.


Next generation Web Filters, designed to protect your users and valuable data. Custom solutions for your needs, offering powerful reporting systems, real-time activity monitoring, social media controls and bandwidth optimisation.


Tailored and refined solutions designed specifically for the requirements of primary education. Great value reliable connections that protect your users with next generation filtering and management.

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