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At CIS Tech we like to think that we do things properly, whatever the project, whatever the technology.

As CIS we have been installing Aruba Wifi Access Points for many years and mostly into schools and colleges. As our Business has developed so has our Wifi product range and our design and build process.

To meet the wide variety of demands presented by the education and business markets we have added Ubiquiti, Draytek and Zyxel to our range of Wifi Access and radio products. We not only install managed Wifi access point networks but also 2.4/5 Ghz point to point and point to multi-point bridge links over several kilometres in distance.

The Wifi design and build process has been updated too. Our staff have received accredited training from Aruba and Ubiquiti and we have invested significantly in the use of specialist Wifi Survey and Planning tools. With the use of Ekahau Site Survey and Planning software we can ensure that your Wifi network is designed and built to meet your requirements and more.

The use of specialist Wifi Survey and Planning software enables CIS Tech to locate the right type of access point in the most optimal location to give you the best Wifi coverage and data throughput. Furthermore, we can also add Wifi troubleshooting and diagnostics to the list of services – essential if your business is in a crowded Wifi environment.

Detailed spectrum analysis coupled with an extensive list of design parameters and specifications from all of the major Wifi Access Point manufacturers enables CIS Tech to design and build highly available and high quality Wifi networks.

With Ehakau Heatmapper we can consider a building layout, building materials, furnishings, capacity requirements and more to provide a graduated assessment of Wifi coverage.

So, as you can see at CIS Tech we don’t just install Wifi networks on a whim or on guesswork. We survey the environment, design a solution, build and configure the network and then maintain it.


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